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December 16, 2013

Zachary Company LLC of Litchfield Park, AZ is pleased to announce that a long term exclusive agreement has been reached with S & K Oil Sales LLC of Glendale, Arizona for global marketing, sales, service, and distribution of the ZECO® PRO SERIES products.

As the managing director of Zachary Company LLC and inventor of the Zeco Pro Series products, I am truly excited that S & K Oil Sales has a growing independent contractor network, along with qualified support and service professionals.

Our combined commitment and efforts will allow each of our companies to develop and provide a long term sustainable cooking oil management solution on a local, regional, and national basis.

Zachary Company LLC and its staff will continue to develop and support all ZECO® Pro Series product lines as well as the soon to be released SOLAR Charging system and the ZECO® Oil Depot products which will be available in key markets in 2014.

Kind Regards,


Conrad Canter
Managing Director


OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE of Scottsdale , Arizona is the first restaurant in the world to go totally “GREEN” with the installation of the ZECO® Oil Filtration Solar System.

congrats_outbackThe ZECO® Oil Filtration System has a storied tradition of being dynamically innovative with its modular design, first in class safety(Battery Operated System) Triple Micro oil filtration and durability (Lifetime Warranty).

To add to its storied tradition, ZECO® introduced the “ZECO® Solar Charging Station”. This is the first 100% “OFF THE GRID” Go Green Industrial Oil Filtration System.

Congratulations to Garrett Wojnarowski JVP –Scottsdale, Arizona and Zachary Canter – Oil Management Technician – Zachary Company / S&K Oil Sales

Call Us Today and find out how you can get the ZECO® Solar Charging Station Installed for FREE.


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