About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually develop and support our valued customers with long-term sustainable oil management solutions. We do this by applying technology so that our customers can provide a safe work environment, consistent quality food, a “Go Green” Platform and maximum operating efficiencies of fried foods.

Better Oil… Better Food®

Our History

In 2004, with limited finances Ross moved to Arizona while his wife and daughters remained back in California to start a cooking oil packaging plant and distribution company. Unable to come up with a “catchy” company name, Ross decided to use the initials of his two daughters Shari & Kelli, with that S&K Sales was born. With very specific requirements he began to look for a warehouse space which proved to be challenging, but luck was on his side when a warehouse space became available in the East side of Arizona. At the same time, he was able to acquire the basic needs of a packaging plant in California. Everything was coming together perfectly… then as he completed the arrangements for the equipment to be shipped to the warehouse… it happened…4 days before the equipment was to arrive the Realtor called and told him that the warehouse he was to sign for that day was not available due to a miscommunication. Frantically, he began searching for another warehouse space and luck was with him again. A warehouse space had just come on the market in Glendale that met all of his requirements. He signed the lease one day before the equipment arrived into Arizona and is to this day still the current location of S&K Sales.

Over the next 3 months, working 14 -20 hours a day and doing most of the work himself, he began the slow and meticulous work of installing the equipment, stainless steel piping, minor plumbing and painting. Most of the equipment is still in use today, although most have been upgraded and automated over the years. Ross started packing olive oils, proprietary oil blends, private labeling of cooking oils for a couple of distributors in Hawaii and California. In 2011 looking to diversify his company into the restaurant bulk oil and waste oil sector, Ross met Conrad Canter of Zachary Company, L.L.C., inventor of the Zeco® oil filtration system. After many meetings, they both knew that with S&K’s Oil depot set up, the Zeco® Filtration system, Ross’s knowledge in the oil industry and Conrad’s expertise in business that they should work together and build a total oil management system that will work in any restaurant size, provide better fried food quality and save money. In late 2012 Conrad became a partner in S&K Sales and through his business vision, guidance and mentoring, he has increased S&K’s presence in the restaurant oil management sector.

A little bit more about us…

  • Established in 2004 in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Privately held company with principal owners working daily in company operations.
  • Custom made blended oil for Customer needs.
  • Bulk, Box and Bottling capabilities of cooking oil.
  • Patented Cooking Oil Management System for the restaurant and hospitality industry.
  • Direct importer of Edible &Cooking Oils.
  • Kosher Certified.