Zeco Eco (2024 Model)

Zeco® Oil Filtration


Key Benefits for Your Business

  • Safer, Faster, and Cleaner
  • Save up to 50% on cooking oil cost
  • Remove 99.9% of carcinogens in used oil
  • Improve the quality of fried food
  • Enhance crispiness and flavor of fried dishes
  • Reduce employees exposure to burn injuries
  • Improve efficiencies

Zeco® is Great for Sustainability

Zeco® is the Perfect Partner

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Food Manufactures

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Zeco® Oil Filtration vs Inline Filtration

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Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Test Kitchen

See the Zeco® difference!

This test was conducted at a large oil manufacturing test kitchen. The oil was first filtered using a “Passive” filtration system. It was then filtered with the Zeco oil filtration system and its patented “Positive Seal” filtration technology.

The Zeco filtration system removed the finer micro particles the Passive filtration system left behind, thus resulting in a cleaner & clearer. (No powder cleaners or oils used)

The cost of the Fryer oil is typically one of the largest cost component in a frying program. That makes it all the more important to maximize its useful life.

Ensure your customers are always getting the highest quality fried food!

Zeco® Oil Filtration

Not all filtration machines are the same

Stock pots & coffee cone filters were the main stay for years. Today we see everything from built in filtering systems to even ones that sit inside the fryer oil.

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Photo 1
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Photo 2
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Photo 3
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Photo 4
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Photo 5

Unlike the others…

Zeco is the only Micro filtration system that has a Positive Seal to remove fine micro contaminants in the oil, prolonging the oil life and at the same time will NOT sacrifice the quality of the end product to valued customers.

Zeco® Quick Change Pan Filter smokes the competition!

Let's take a closer look at why the ZECO® is different!

Others Use Passive Filtration

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Oil Filtration Difference

Zeco® Uses Positive Sealed Filtration

Zeco® Positive Seal Triple Filtration System

Patented Triple POSITIVE SEAL filtration technology available only with the Zeco Eco or Pro 3

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Filtration Pre-Screen Micron Filter Basket

STAGE 1: Pre Screen Micron Filter Basket:
The first pre-screen filter will remove larger food particles in the oil that clog other oil filter machines .

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Filtration Micron Handle Filter

STAGE 2: Micron Handle Filter:
Filters finer food particles will get caught in the Handle filter, further removing the smaller micron food particles that remain in the oil being filtered and before going to the Pad filter.

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Filtration Micron Pad Filter

STAGE 3: Micron Pad Filter:  (Other filters types available)
When the oil goes through the progressive pad filter, it is pulled through the pad filter and through the Zeco ’s patent pending Positive seal technology.

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Filtration Positive Seal Filter Pan

Positive Seal Filter Pan:
Once the oil has gone through the above 3 filtering stages, only filtered oil will pass through the filter pan’s positive seal design . No By pass as in other “Passive” filtration systems.



Food Quality

  • Quality Oil Testing: Excellence in quality fried food using high quality oil, quantitative oil testing and micro filtering are properly required to exceed customers expectation, market demands and maintain company standard.
  • Micro Filtration Technology: Zeco® patented triple positive seal filtration removes micro food particles (contaminates) in your oil that is key to improving color, taste & flavor of your fried foods.

  • Environmentally Friendly Engineering: Zeco® Machines are built with 73% recycled aircraft aluminum for durability & high performance.
  • Go Green Kitchens Lack of Waste: Used oil is collected for use in other industries.
  • Energy Efficient: Zeco® Pro Series 3 System is solar powered.


  • Zeco® Pro Series: Reduces exposure to touching oil. All parts guarded to prevent accidents & injuries.
  • Transport Safety: Expired oil moved in locking sealed tank & eliminates the need to carry heavy pots.
  • Safety Performance Environment: Overall improvement in kitchen and floor safety.

Cost Savings
  • Reduction in Consumption: 30% to 60% less oil usage and reduce box & jug waste.
  • Risk Management: Reduce Injuries: 61% of Workers Compensation Claims in Food Service related to handling hot oil.
  • Benefits of Automation: Cost reduction, improved productivity, reliability & performance.


Zeco® 3 in 1 DESIGN


  • Washes out fryers vats while filtering. This eliminates using hands & utensils to manually remove food particles at the bottom of the fryer vat, saving labor time and increasing employee safety.
  • Filters oil by a triple positive seal process that eliminates food particle by pass. Resulting in prolonged oil life with cleaner filtered oil.
  • Transporter (Carrier) Zeco High temperature and locking tank cover eliminates injuries, spills & Accidents. Locking brakes also help in stabilize the Zeco while filtering or when disposing oil.
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco 3-in-1 Design

Zeco® Modular Design Platform

 A Unique Design Allowing You To Customize Based on Needs

Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Modular Design Photo
  • Adaptable connectors made to fit fryers with or without built in filtering.
  • Inter changeable tank sizes to fit a variety of fryer vat sizes and fryer models
  • Multiple wheel configurations For different Kitchen flooring or outdoor terrains
  • Multiple filter combinations - Don’t filter like the rest. Get the right filter combination for your Menu
Bulk Oil Systems Zeco Modular Design Photo 2

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