S&K Oil Sales Saved


Pounds of Landfill
Waste in 2024

Our Cooking Oil Filtration Solutions Are Perfect for:

  • Restaurant Chains
  • Independent Restaurants
  • Grocery Delis
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grade Schools & Colleges
  • and more...



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Fast Facts about the Restaurant Industry (USA)

  • 1,101,811 Million Restaurant Locations
  • $890 Billion Sales Contributions to the Economy, Per Year
  • 15.6 Million People Employeed, Per Year
  • 364 Million Pounds of Used Cooking Oil Boxes at 1.5 Pound Each to Local Landfills

AZ Restaurant's Landfill Waste (Cardboard, Plastic, Etc.)

  • 2,080,000 Pounds Per Year
  • 41,000 Pounds Per Week
  • 5,857 Pounds Per Day
  • 244 Pounds Per Hour
  • 4.1 Pounds Per Minute
  • .68 Pounds Per Second

DO YOU want to Reduce the Cost of Getting Rid of Frying Oil Jibs?