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Are you still using 18th-century tech?

Time to join us in the 21st century with a faster, cleaner, safer, procedure for dumping your waste oil.

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Our Waste Oil Solution

Ditch the messy, disgusting, dangerous dump tank!

Time to step into the 21st century and use equipment that is Safer, Cleaner, and Faster for your employees!

We offer a complete solution for recycling and reusing your used cooking oil. The process is simple, safe, and environmentally friendly!

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Benefits of SK Oil Sales FRYVAC Waste Oil Solution

  • FREE to use *
  • Easy to Roll Fryvac to your fryers
  • Easy Flip On/Off switch for the FRYVAC system
  • Easy to drain by simply placing the top of the wand nozzle into fryer oil until empty
Fryvac Barrel

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Stop Doing This
Its Quick

3 Quick Steps:

  • Roll up to fryers
  • Turn on to drain fryer
Its Safe

Safer for Employees:

  • No carrying heavy pots
  • Eliminate outside dirty oil bins
  • Reduce spills & Injuries
  • No oil caddy to lift or fill
Its Easy

Easy to:

  • Easy to clean & use
  • Compact design
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to store away
  • Easy on your expenses

SK Oil Sales (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling Services for Restaurants

There are numerous benefits for a commercial business in need of restaurant oil collection to partner with a reliable, environmentally friendly (UCO) used cooking oil removal and recycling company.

Benefits of (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Collection by SK Oil Sales

We will come directly to your business to collect and remove used cooking oil. Our commercial oil recycling services will help your restaurant improve cleanliness and sanitation through SK Oil Sales' patented collection system.

Benefits of (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Used cooking oil pickup and recycling will help to reduce the effects of global warming and environmental pollution. Used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel for use in vehicles or energy-producing appliances.

Benefits of (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Collection Services for Restaurants and the Planet

One common misconception about the (UCO) used cooking oil recycling business is that restaurants and other foodservice facilities cannot afford cooking oil removal due to prohibitive costs. However, trying to take on cooking oil disposal internally is a dirty job that takes a lot of time and puts employees at risk.

Our Patented Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service Creates a Cleaner and Safer Environment for Employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 13 million people are employed in the foodservice industry. When used fryer oil collection is done properly, there is an extremely low chance of getting burnt using the SK Oil Sales' patented system of collecting used cooking oils.

Delicious Fried Food Made with SK Cooking Oil
The Best Fried Food is made with SK Oil Sales Cooking Oil Delivery and Collection Service

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection is a problem that most restaurants face. The oil collection process is a dirty job that is typically manual, messy, difficult, and time-consuming!

If you've been searching for a commercial oil recycler then you know it’s not easy to find a "reliable" partner that not only provides top-notch services but is environmentally conscious as well.

Look no further, SK Oil Sales is a "leading" provider of (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Collection services in Arizona!

SK Oil Sales has the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to handle your used cooking oil. Our services are designed to make it easier for you to recycle your used cooking oil in a convenient way.

SK Oil Sales takes care of everything from (UCO) Used Cooking Oil Collection to recycling, so you can focus on your core business operations!

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Dirty Fryer Vat
Oil Collection is a Dirty Job that is Difficult and Time-Consuming

(UCO) Used Cooking Oil Recycling is Made Easy with SK Oil Sales

Fryer oil collection and recycling services are cost-effective and necessary for restaurants to continue to do what they do best for their customers and keep the staff from workman’s comp issues.

Restaurants that partner with SK Oil Sales for commercial cooking oil collection, conserve both energy and money. Plus, at the same time, we are protecting the environment by employing environmentally friendly practices to prevent the emission of toxins and the contamination of soil.

In the end, restaurant oil collection and recycling all come together to make a win-win for everyone.

SK Oil Sales is the ONLY Company that Offers a Complete Oil Management Solution

SK Oil Sales Other Companies Traditional Oil Management
Bulk Oil Storage
Eliminate Box Ect.
Eliminate Waste Ect.
No Manual Connection
No Down Payment
24-hour Service
Lifetime Service
No Hidden Fees

Why Should You Recycle Your Cooking Oil?

It may look like liquid going down the drain, but cooking oil will harden and clog your individual or local drainage system. Handling oil improperly can have legal consequences, so make sure it's disposed of properly.

* Free use of FRYVAC system with S&K waste oil program. For use with waste cooking oil only. FRYVAC system will remain the property of S&K Sales at all times. Other limitations may apply, call for more details.