OHSO Eatery + Nano Brewery

Featured Customer and Oil Management Partner for the Month of March

Congrats to Jon lane and Bret Waters owners/operators of this great concept. This great little AZ secret started as a small pub off an Indian school in Arcadia in 2011. Today they have grown to 4 OHSO locations and have developed a new concept called Little Os and opened 2 stores in 2022 and have plans for more in the future. The communities they have opened their doors to have accepted them overwhelmingly. And more importantly, OHSO very much becomes a part of those communities as well. We want to thank Jon and Bret for allowing S&K the privilege of being a part of their great success here in AZ.

SK Oil Sales features a locally owned and operated restaurant quarterly, we only choose restaurants that practice S&K’s highest standards using cooking oils in their kitchens. Our oil management system is revolutionary, we train our oil partners, providing a safer, higher quality, cleaner more efficient system of handling cooking oils.

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