Palm Oil

We Have The Best Cooking Oil Solution!

SK Oil is the exclusive importer of Non-GMO, High Oleic, Kosher Palm Oil from South America.

Over the last two years, Palm Oil has proven itself to be the top-performing frying oil in the world. Durability is 20-30% longer than Soy or Canola. The superior quality and better value against other oils on the market, will make it the cooking oil of choice for restaurants and manufacturing moving forward.

SK Oil's Palm Oil is the only producer in the world providing a cooking oil that is:

  • High Oleic
  • 100% Cold Expeller Pressed
  • NON-GMO Verified Now you can serve your food cooked in oil that is of the highest quality and cost-efficient price!

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Oleic Acid is considered to be an essential fatty acid that has neutral reducing effects to the Lipid profile, this means an increase in “good” cholesterol (HDL) and reducing “bad” cholesterol (LDL). It is also very high in Vitamin E, which lowers your chances of having cardiovascular issues.

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